What Does it Mean to Dream About Volcano?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Volcano?

Volcanoes are powerful and destructive forces that can be found all over the world. If you have been dreaming about volcanoes, it may tell us something about your personality and what is going on in your life right now. This article will go through each meaning of volcano dreams, so you know whom to consult for interpretation if needed!

Dreaming about a general volcano

When you dream of an active volcano, it can symbolize a sudden change in your life or that something on the sidelines has finally erupted. Pay close attention to what is happening in front of and around the volcano as these details are sure to offer insights into why you have dreamed about volcanoes - if it’s erupting lava, bursting out from its mountain summit, then recent changes may be affecting how they make sense for you. When you feel tense, and out of control, an erupting volcano is a visual representation of your anger.

It would be best if you released the pressure before it boils over into something destructive. If this happens in your dream, stop fighting with yourself and find another way — somewhere safe where things can’t get worse or explode on their own accord, like when lava gets too close to the ocean surface after flowing down from highland regions onto plains below such as at Hawaii’s Kilauea eruption that began on May 3rd, 2018. A volcano has many interpretations depending on its context, which could be either positive or negative if approached differently: while an erupting one may seem violent by nature (it is viewed more akin to rage).

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Dreaming about a volcano as a channel or a bridge

The volcano’s appearance in your dream might be telling you that there is something inside of yourself that needs to come out. Many people associate the volcanic eruption with anger, so it could just mean that some pent-up rage has been building up and now wants a way out. The same goes for hot lava. If it appears during your nightmare - a fiery death by molten rock or ash, then maybe you need to make these feelings known instead of letting them simmer under the surface until they’re too strong, increasing the chances of them blowing sky high!

A good idea may be releasing those emotions on an object from work/home life before coming home at night where relationships are more delicate, and one wrong move can cause tension (or worse).

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Dreaming about volcano as a symbol of tension and a point of relief

A volcano is a terrifying force of nature. The eruption can cause great destruction in its wake, and it has the potential to wreak havoc on our world. It’s not always easy for people who live near one because you don’t know what will trigger or lead up to that eventual blowout. Earthquakes are more common before volcanic eruptions, but sometimes there isn’t any warning whatsoever! But when they erupt as this dreamer experienced, it is indicating that their anxiety has turned into fear, which usually means that they’re feeling pressured about something without knowing how to deal with it, if at all.

Dreaming about a volcano as a destination and a source of power

A volcanic eruption is a beautiful sight from afar, but the closer you get to it, and the more time you spend near it, the more terrifying it becomes. In this case, your destination will be full of terror if dreaming about a volcano, knowing that these dreams are often an up-close view can give insight into what lies ahead for you. For instance, if viewing from high above, then perhaps there’s something great waiting at the end or after reaching lofty heights yourself, like finally achieving one’s goal - a new level of success.

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Dreaming about the volcano’s power to create and destroy

The lava of a volcano can destroy life as it flows towards the earth. Yet, after it has wreaked havoc on everything in its path, new life emerges from the ashes that remain afterward. A dream about a volcano signifies your need to release yourself and allow creativity to flow out onto paper like an erupting force of nature. If you’ve recently started something new or are embarking upon some creative project - then there is no time for fear! Embrace change wholeheartedly and learn how to let go so that any possible good results can come rushing at you with unstoppable power, just like a molten rock against a solid stone.

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