What Does it Mean to Dream About Winning? - Spiritual Meaning and Biblical Message


Winning an announcement created spontaneously so that the possible loser don’t cry over yourself, therefore empty of real empirical value, purely comforting

Beyond all this, winning during a competition of any kind, sports or maybe literary (think of the unique medieval matrix Renzoni) seems to own the immediate effect of stimulating an enormous and large amount of endorphins, as the correct balance to the trouble performed to win first place. In other words, victory, one might say, has the prize in itself, without paying the maximum attention to the sort of prize awarded to first place.

Winning means overcoming and surpassing yourself within the face of a test, an obstacle, or a controversy, achieving a challenge of any kind, and demonstrating your value on the field. The competition doesn’t necessarily have to be collective, include more individuals, but can only confer with itself, to one’s conscience as compared with the multitude of internal tensions, impulses, and contradictions that conjure our emotionality. Winning in dreams is essentially winning against yourself.


  • Dreaming of winning manages to concentrate in oneself a large number of euphoric and stimulating sensations that make this kind of dream particularly unforgettable. The victory in question can discuss with competitions of varied kinds: sports competition, any other competition, sublime goal, love conquered, the sum of cash unexpectedly received, etc. Whether it comes from this or that condition, victory and therefore the sensation of absolute pleasure related to it must be interpreted in dreams because of the results of certain domination by the dreamer of the truth that surrounds it.
  • Dream victory is the same as imposing one’s will on the surface world, that is, having the ability to impose one’s control over the chaotic and unstoppable course of events, an empirical reality that bends in keeping with the foremost imminent desires and desires of the dreamer, totally declined in keeping with your aspirations, prerogatives, and expectations.
  • Now, being a very pleasant dream, capable of awakening specific emotional sublimations and stimulating sensations within the dream traveler, it’s easy to form it a part of the habitual dreams of compensation.
  • It is important to recollect that a compensation dream is presented as a real psychic trick created by our unconscious to emotionally complete the real-life frustrations and dissatisfactions of the dreamer, creating a form of emotional rebalancing capable of counteracting a latent internal dissatisfaction.
  • The unconscious thus creates victorious representations of its ego capable of raising it from an unfavorable condition, the image would thus be consoling towards the negative perception of the self by the dreamer.
  • That is to mention, it’s about excision a tiny low interior space during which what doesn’t happen within the planet is possible; it’s the interpretation calibrated in keeping with the prerogatives of a pessimistic, disheartened, and/or discontented person.
  • The second side of the medal refers, instead, to absolutely the happiness of the victory symbol, with all the implications that follow; If it’s not a compensatory dream, the image becomes the dreamlike confirmation of something that has already occurred within the waking world, then the victory must be interpreted because of the extreme confidence of the dreamer in himself and his faculties.
  • In this variant, it’s as if the dreamer is expressing his satisfaction/container concerning how the events around him unfold, and he almost manages to foresee the result, that is, victory.
  • A symptom of enormous self-confidence, the dream victory would be a personal reward for one’s dedication.



, be it a dream or a reality, is usually a positive element. It is synonymous with wealth, an abundance of resources, and possibilities, dreaming of receiving it as an award would perhaps be linked to the possible professional successes felt by the dreamer, fortunate and rational perspective of the long run life, but the abundance of cash and wealth don’t always have a perspective that is unique and materialize in dreams, they may also point to your inner wealth and nobility.


Being able to beat a mess of competitors, and thus stand out as one value against a mass, incorporates a unique value, of a social nature: the dreamer feels in constant and perennial competition with others, so he expresses the requirement that is desperate to prevail the least bit costs, an indication of a robust personality and fighter, but which needs continuous confirmation of his worth.


Such a victory would indicate a robust and courageous personality, willing to take risks to induce something good out of it. The dreamer feels lucky and able to defy the random course of events, and, of course, the next risk corresponds to the next price!


The winning number within the full sense of the term is 5, which implies to win; 38 wins; earn money 63; win a race 80.

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