Bigfoot, Yeti and Sasquatch Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Bigfoot, Yeti and Sasquatch Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

Bigfoot, Yeti and Sasquatch Spirit Animal Meaning

Do you need some time away from it all? Bigfoot is here to help! This powerful and enigmatic spirit animal teaches us that truth may be elusive, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t find out what’s true. You have to have the know-how. Learn about the meaning of sasquatch symbolism by exploring its place in your life as an ally through meditation or totem work with this helpful guidebook on the history and lore surrounding these mysterious creatures which may or may not exist!

Bigfoot, Yeti, and Sasquatch Symbolism with Meaning

Bigfoot was first seen in 1967 when he famously appeared on the side of a road and scared two loggers. He’s tall, hairy, has huge feet that are three times as big as the average human foot size is in North America - and without a doubt represents something “larger than life.”

The Halkomelem word for “sasquatch” means a collective term describing the “wild man” tales widely dispersed throughout Native American tribes. This is different from “bigfoot,” which came into use nearly thirty years later following the discovery of large footprints thought to belong to sasquatches. Yetis are different from sasquatch, but they’re still linked together because both creatures share similar descriptions - with one big difference: bigfoot prefers warmer climates while the yeti lives in cold mountainous areas.

The mystery of sasquatch and yeti sightings has been around for centuries. Still, the main description remains unchanged: the creature is bipedal, tall, and covered in white or reddish hair. Many tales tell stories that these creatures are strong enough to overpower a human being with their strength alone - as they range from six to nine feet tall.

The sasquatch or yeti’s hair color adds richness and symbolism to these creatures. Red represents endurance, strength, passion, and power. Brown signifies simplicity and grounding stability. Black symbolizes anonymity and mystery detachment whereas white stands for purity and peace.

Bigfoot is the hidden, secretive creature that symbolizes individuality. He prefers to live in isolation and, as such, embodies how much people want to escape herd mentality by living freely on their terms.

Bigfoot, Yeti, and Sasquatch Spirit Animal

In the Native American community, Bigfoot is considered a spirit animal for those who are feeling marginalized or intimidated. It avoids humans but has no problem standing up to anyone that would try and corner it! This “gentle giant” of an animal can help you find your courage when dealing with situations where victimization may occur.

The sasquatch is an unlikely animal to show up as a spirit animal. The creature, known for its elusive nature, can be summoned by those who are depleted and need some time alone with themselves away from the hustle-and-bustle of their day to recover energy that has been drained through empathy or simply obsessive thinking patterns. They have been shown in many cultures over generations but only recently recognized as having special powers. They were once thought to be just folklore stories told around campfires and shared on social media today!

The yeti has a long history of bringing good luck to those down on their luck and can’t seem to get the breaks they need. For many, it is believed that even if you see this mysterious creature, then things will soon start going your way again!

Bigfoot, Yeti, and Sasquatch Totem Animal

People with a birth totem of bigfoot are said to be natural-born lie detectors. If you are one of them, no one will ever call you gullible because they know that it is their duty not to mislead or deceive anyone else. When others try to be dishonest, honesty will stick out like a sore thumb in comparison.

In today’s information age, you never know what’ll happen next. Lucky for us creatures of the internet era, tigers, like sasquatch always, have an insatiable thirst for learning and consuming information about the unknown so that they can help keep tabs on things from their perch, atop that treehouse in your mind. Suppose he leads as a totem animal spirit guide to be with you through all this chaos and uncertainty. In that case, it is certainly worth giving him some time out of his busy schedule each day!

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in the forest for a while? People who have yeti as their animal totem are more apt to want this. For these folks, intuition is your guide through life, and you rely on its guidance when taking any path. You also enjoy being out of society’s reach, sometimes with nature providing solace from all things urban or suburban.

Bigfoot, Yeti, and Sasquatch Power Animal

Call on bigfoot when you want to feel truthful and get rid of falsehoods. If you need help figuring out the hard facts from fabrications, or if somebody is lying to your face, but it’s not clear what they’re saying (or why), call up a power animal like bigfoot! They may be able to sniff out something that doesn’t smell right for whatever reason - whether because there are too many details left unexplained or because they have an innate sense about telling truths from lies.

Sasquatch is a creature of the wild that has no limits when it comes to roaming. Invoke sasquatch as your power animal if you want help taking those big steps outside of your comfort zone!

If you want to express your individuality, bring out the energy of yeti. No one imposes expectations on this creature, and it is a natural nonconformist like yourself. With its help in self-discovery and being true to oneself, stand tall with pride as an individual while appreciating others’ uniqueness too!

Native American Bigfoot Symbolic Meanings

The Pacific Northwest is home to many different Native American tribes, and each has a unique version of the “wild man” or sasquatch. The Salish, Chinook, Bella Coola Indians all share stories about powerful beings called Boqs but disagree on what their intentions are. For example, while some tribes like the Salish believe that they’re wild forest-dwellers with no intention of hurting anyone or anything, other groups like those in the coastal region consider them as monstrous human eaters intent on destruction and mayhem — like something out of an epic Hollywood blockbuster movie!

In Alaskan culture, an aggressive tribe of people tells frightening tales of the Kol’ eni or Ts’et’en. The wild man on the tundra, with hair-covered and often terrorizing features, is a bogeyman to some children who are both kidnapped by him as well as consumed after death.

The chickasaw native to the woodlands of Southeastern states have a similar being, Lhofa or Lhonfa — which means an evil ogre that is a “skinner’’ or “flayer.” The creature has long hair and is unpleasant with an awful smell. It steals away women from their homes at night time. There are tales of Shampe among them, too near identically, but more difficult to fight off because it’s unbearable for anyone to go near it due to its smell, which makes people think twice before approaching this monster like any other in fear that they’ll be next on the menu as well!

It is said that the chickasaw native to woodlands of Southeastern states has a similar creature, Lhofa or “Lhonfa”- more like an evil ogre. The creature, like all others, has a full body hair and dreadful smell, with its name translating as “skinner,” hinting at the beast’s most frightening behaviors.

The story goes that it steals away women and skins victims while choctaws have similar shapes and the tales surrounding it are also similar. He is impossible to fight off because the unbearable smell is coming from him. No one bothers to be in his presence for the fear of being choked by the stench.

Tribes such as the Dakota and Lakota share stories of a hairy woodland-dwelling beast known to them as Chile Tanka or “Big Elder Brother.” The creature’s name suggests that it’s believed they have spiritual ties with this crypto-hominid.

The Wenatchee people of Washington State have the Choanito, meaning “Night People.” Stories say that it lives in mountains and caves with an intolerable stench. Stories also tell of them kidnapping humans for a season then returning them unharmed to their respective families.

The Stick Indians were also a terrifying tribe of forest spirits. They would lure people in with their wild, hysterical laughter or by whistling eerily from the shadows. Once lured into the woods, they would disappear forever. At the same time, these dark creatures laughed maniacally and made haunting melodies to threaten intruders further down the road. Native Americans were afraid of the Stick Indian, so they called it a euphemism. The creature can hypnotize and paralyze humans while making them insane with fear. By calling this monster something other than its real name, Native Americans hoped to avoid attracting it into their homes at night for an attack.

Bigfoot, Yeti, and Sasquatch Dreams

Bigfoot may be trying to prepare you for an event that will happen in your waking life. A “big” surprise is coming your way, which can either be a good or bad thing depending on what happens during the dream and how it affects you when awake.

A Yeti surfaces in your dreams to warn you of being gullible. They can appear to signify that the world doesn’t believe in you or just when those fake promises come back up again and ruin everything.

Big Foot Symbolic Meanings Key

  • Elusiveness
  • Fierceness
  • Mystery
  • Observation
  • Power
  • Secrets
  • Speed
  • Surprise
  • Truth
  • The Unknown
  • Wildness

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