What Does it Mean to Dream of a Baby?


Do you dream about babies frequently? Does it intrigue you to know what meaning this type of dream entails? Generally, dreaming about babies can bring changes, and regardless of the various senses, it may represent plans, new beginnings, innocence, and even the need for human warmth. Babies are the most evident symbol of purity and vulnerability. This article tells you what it means to dream of babies.

Meanings behind the several dreams:


If you have had dreams about babies, the most important thing is to make it clear how you feel when thinking about that type of dream. Some women who have dreamt of babies do so when they are in the process of becoming pregnant, have the first symptoms of pregnancy, or have someone close to them who is on the way to becoming a mother. The truth is that if there are babies in your environment, it is totally natural that at some point you have a dream related to them.

Desire to have a baby.

In the event that you want to have children and you have not yet achieved it, dreaming of babies implies a desire to fulfill. It will be very natural that while you have recurring dreams about babies trying to get pregnant, you’d want the dream to come true. Most of the dreams we have are wishes or even hidden fears, as is the case of dreaming about phobias of any other kind.

If you are a woman who has lost a baby through an abortion or premature birth, this trauma can end up being very common in your dreams. In this case, it is the result of terrible pain and is often repeated continuously, and it may be necessary to seek help.

Childhood moments.

Dreaming of babies not only has to do with the desire to have children or with the loss of them. Many of these dreams have to do with the immediate future and can be interpreted with news that will surely be cause for joy, although they will not necessarily have to do with having a child.

Dreaming about babies can also have meaning about your personal past. It may have to do with happy childhood moments that you really remember. If you dream, for example, that you have a baby in your arms, it may be related to feeling nostalgic for happy memories.

Future change in your life.

If you do not want babies or look for them, but you have dreams about them, you feel happy and optimistic about some future change in your life. They can be work or personal differences, but whatever it is, it is something new and very positive. Do you have a secret dream that you want to see come true? Perhaps those dreams have to do with your future and your search for happiness.

If you instead dream of a beautiful and well-cared-for baby, it means good omens and feelings of satisfaction. It can be related to reciprocated love, good friendships, feeling protected, and even with good prospects. If you dream of a laughing baby, that means that you will soon have the solution to a problem that worries you personally, professionally, or financially.

Dream that you are a baby.

If you dream that you are a baby or are surrounded by them, it is a regression dream. This happens when you are experiencing a lot of stress or anxiety about something. It is customary to think of other times when life was simpler and without serious worries when suffering. It is a great escape route because, at that time, total tranquility and security. You may be at that time at the limit of your emotional strength, tired of fighting, and you would love to feel innocent and protected again.

If, for example, you dream that you have a baby in your arms, still and sleeping, it means that you want to take care of and protect someone. But if you dream that you drop that baby, it is an omen of bad news, failures and frustrations.

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