What Does It Mean To Dream About Milk?

What Does It Mean To Dream About Milk?

Dreaming of milk could be a very widespread dream expression whose meaning is ambivalent and also changes looking at the sex of the dreamer. Always linked to the thought of nutrition, of the mother, and, consequently, of growth, milk in dreams helps the dreamer to understand latent needs higher, desires for the fulfillment, and physical and spiritual references to which to pay more attention.

Let’s see the way to interpret this dream, the various dream figures associated with milk, and subsequently the numbers to play to try your luck.

Milk in dreams: interpretation

As mentioned above, milk in dreams recalls the primary food of newborns, often assimilated directly from the mother’s breast. In this perspective, dreaming of milk incorporates an apparent reference to the figure of the mother, the creator of our universe, the link with our most intimate part that attracts your attention to the spiritual issues of life.

Intended as a fabric and abstract food, therefore, milk in dreams indicates to the dreamer the requirement to satisfy a rationally unexpected primordial need, which can be linked to one’s personal growth, fertility, or the expression of affection.

The same light color of milk recalls the standard whiteness and innocence and the purity of newborns, a potent symbol linked to the necessity to measure with an innocent soul.

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Dreaming of milk: the difference between a boy and a girl

  • Each dream contains a different interpretation, betting on the topic of who has it. To ultimately realize it, we must transcend the easy symbolism of the essential elements of the dream itself and understand this situation of the dreamer.
  • In this specific case, dreaming of milk encompasses a different meaning, betting on the sex of the dreamer.
  • If a girl dreams of milk, possibly the dreamer’s need is to feel useful, grant unconditionally, and gratify herself through self-denial in a sphere of life (love, children, work) which you’d prefer to give even more.
  • However, if the lady who dreams of milk feels an unpleasant sensation, this might mean that there’s a vicinity of ??her life where she feels compelled to be present without the pleasure of doing it. As for men, on the other hand, dreaming of milk includes a decidedly different meaning.
  • In the male sex, the dream can mean that a man must receive love and a spotlight, as within the gesture of breastfeeding the mother and also the child. It is a warning sign with which the body wants to speak a robust state of fatigue and enjoy for more care.

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The various images of milk in dreams

Dreaming of sucking milk from a mother or another figure can mean that at that moment, the dreamer is in a condition of physical or psychological weakness, not consciously understood yet, that he feels that he needs to receive more than to administer.

Dreaming of offering milk to someone or pouring it in their place indicates the necessity for external support, intellectual or spiritual, to evolve.

Inverting the milk or dreaming of it sour; however, a few ancient popular beliefs meant the loss of wealth and security. From a psychological point of view, however, having this kind of dream is linked to the thought of ??impoverishment of one’s physical and mental resources. It also indicates the dispersion of energies thanks to our over attention towards others and never towards ourselves.

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Milk in dreams in accordance with Freud and Jung

According to Freud, milk in dreams represents the concept of ??semen and so a completely satisfied and unreserved sexual and economic instinct. On the other hand, Jung sees within the milk the dream figure of the mother and the consequent acceptance by the dreamer of the decision to fertility, taking into consideration its material and spiritual aspects.

Dreaming of milk and numbers in the lottery

For those that want to try their luck playing the lottery numbers associated with the dream of milk, the number on which to bet is 38. Consistent with the Neapolitan Smorphia, pouring milk corresponds to the amount 42 while drinking or giving. Sucking the milk is associated with the number 8.

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