Zebra: Spirit Animal Guide, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning


Making its range in Africa, the zebra could be a majestic animal that appears plenty sort of a horse with black and white stripes everywhere it. Because this animal only has its aim in Africa, which is where most of its symbolism comes from.

However, like its black and white stripes, the symbolism around the zebra animal totem sometimes has an opposite meaning or other contradictory symbolism surrounding it. The black and white colors tackle their own reasonably symbolism when it involves the zebra similarly.

  • The zebra spirit guide is said to the horse, which might explain their physical similarities.
  • Severaltheir actions also are as an example, both creatures can run faster than most humans. they will make their way almost anywhere very quickly.
  • There are some important differences between these two species.
  • There aren’t any horses that are naturally covered from head to toe with stripes just like the zebra, although groomers could probably make a horse seem like a zebra.

Another big difference between horses and zebras, probably the foremost important, is that while there are still wild horses, it’s relatively easy to tame a horse.

  • Humans are ready to train and keep horses as pets for hundreds of years. There are even horse shows and contests in many countries.
  • Many attempts were made to domesticate the zebra, but the animal refuses to drift from its natural wild nature.
  • Zebras seem to grasp that they’re free and wild and that they don’t seem to let humans change that anytime soon.

So, what do the zebra’s physical characteristics and actions should do with its symbolism?

Zebra-associated traits

Free, Wild, Distinctive, Identity, Individualism, Opposite, Middle Ground, Free Spirit, Community, Family

The symbolic meaning of Zebra

Let’s start with the symbolism surrounding the physical characteristics of the zebra spirit totem. The black and white stripes of the zebra tie a strong symbolism to the zebra.

  • One thing that’s important a few zebra’s stripes are that no two zebras have precisely the same stripes.
  • Other zebras can distinguish themselves by this fact that no two zebras are alike, the zebra animal totem is symbolized with identity or individualism.

The black and white stripes of the zebra also symbolize something else that’s powerful.

  • They represent the black and white nature of the globe, or a minimum of, the way some people think the globe
  • You’ll be able to look at a zebra symbol and see that it’s black and white, but you’ll be able to also easily see that it’s not all black and white.
  • This symbolizes that there are black and white matters within the world, good and bad, similar, and opposite.
  • This helps symbolize that there rarely a right or wrong thanks to doing things, or that someone is nice or bad.
  • There is middle ground within the world, and the zebra can help us see this.

The actions of the zebra animal totem even have powerful symbolism surrounding it. this can be where several of the symbolism of the animal becomes somewhat contradictory. Because the zebra spirit guide refuses to be tamed by humans or the rest, it symbolizes

  • the wild and individual that lives in everyone
  • individualism, as they unknowingly agree to not be like many other animals, domesticated and trained.
  • Freedom, because a zebra always sticks to its herd.
  • This animal likes to be in a group, whether it’s a bunch of people.
  • This helps symbolize community, protection, and family.
  • Zebras know that they have an improved chance of survival if they rest.

The zebra animal totem could be a strong-willed animal that does what it’s to try to survive. In a way, zebras and herds of zebras are abundantly like human and human populations. While both groups are stuffed with individuals with different thoughts and ideas, both groups also understand how to confederate to survive and make their existence more enjoyable. If you’ll be able to relate to the symbolic meanings of the zebra, then it’s going to be the Animal Totem for you.

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