What Does it Mean to Dream About Being Kidnapped or Abducted?

What Does it Mean to Dream About Being Kidnapped or Abducted?

Had a dream or nightmare about getting kidnapped or abducted? This can be a bad recurring experience, but it doesn’t always mean that you are powerless against aggressive forces. Sometimes it means that the person in your dream was being held hostage so that they can’t enjoy their freedom anymore and we will go over what all of this might be trying to say for you.

Dream about being kidnapped or abducted

Attempted abduction

This dream is a warning sign that you need to take control of your life. It can be frustrating, but it’s important not to let others dictate who you are or what direction your future takes. If someone tries wresting away some power from me and I’m feeling like they’re trying too hard, I’ll remember this story and use it as fuel for my own empowerment. To dream about almost getting kidnapped means people in our lives may want us under their thumb by manipulating the circumstances around us or using moral chains on unsuspecting victims set up before we were born.

Escaping abduction dream

If you dream of escaping from an abduction dream, then this is a message that you are able to overcome adversity when dealing with people who would use their words or actions against you. Stay alert at all times while navigating through life, and you won’t ever have any trouble dreaming about almost being abducted.

Kidnapped and tortured

If you have ever been kidnapped, tortured, or treated in an unfair way by a captor, then it is possible that this dream signifies the same thing. If these events are not relevant to your life and you still had such a nightmare last night, then it could be foretelling of unfortunate occurrences. Your plight will feel like torture as time goes on with no break from all of the negative energy surrounding you. It may seem impossible for things to get any worse, but they inevitably always do when we’re at our lowest points, so brace yourself because there’s more coming.

Kidnap Ransom

If you dream that a criminal is asking for ransom from your family, take note. It may be best to avoid taking on any new loans or contracts in the near future, as this could lead to financial ruin. The debt collectors will come knocking at both of your homes and offices with warrants demanding payment immediately lest they make life difficult by withholding vital documents needed for work like an identification card or driver’s license.

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Dream about the location of the abduction or kidnapping

Prison, Dungeon, or basement

Sometimes, a dream of being abducted and held prisoner in an underground cell can signify that someone will try to beat important information about you out of you. They’ll make your life miserable until they get the responses they want from you- whether it’s something deeply personal or just matters related to what people think of them.

Cabin in the woods

To see yourself being kidnapped in a cabin in the woods, then it is an indication that you will soon be tempted for affairs on your next trip. Be aware of feeling alone and abandoned, as this could lead to seeking help from others who come around when needed most.

Government or alien abduction

Your imagination is running wild with your potential future. You see yourself being taken away by a force that you cannot escape from, like the government or aliens. This could be an indication of periods where you overworked and felt drained out because it was all for someone else’s benefit - not yours.

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Dream about abducting or kidnapping someone

Kidnapping someone you know

To see yourself in a dream abducting or kidnapping someone you know; is often an indicator that your subconscious has desires of taking their life and lifestyle away from them.

Abducting a stranger

To dream that you have abducted a stranger is an indicator of your fascination with how to reproduce dreams and visions into reality. This dream could also be telling you to take a different approach in life by exploring the unknown or something new.

Keeping someone captive

It’s possible that you’re imposing your thoughts and attitudes on others. When you dream about abducting someone, it signifies that you are holding fast to something. To let go of what is not necessary could bring more peace in the long run - especially if this includes letting people know how they have been affected by who they were with before meeting them or tying up loose ends any time soon rather than later when things might get out of hand.

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Dream about who gets kidnapped or abducted

Seeing a kidnap

If you dream about a kidnapping, then that means to witness some type of social injustice in your daily life. Perhaps there is an unreasonable boss or manager who is forcing their will on coworkers at work and asking for many hours of overtime.

Child abduction

If you dream about child abduction, then this is usually linked to your own insecurities or fears. Perhaps there has been an incident recently in the news which triggered these feelings and therefore came out in dream form while sleeping. Or maybe you are afraid of losing someone close to you, like a spouse or partner, so subconsciously that fear comes out through dream imagery. Teenage girls may dream about being abducted as they feel pressured by society to be more sexually active before marriage - but because they have not had sex yet, they dream about doing it anyway with different partners. Keeping up with the facts no matter how uncomfortable they are could be a way for them to “affirm” their choices when faced with peer pressure.

Baby abduction

To dream about the horror of baby abduction foretells that your business ideas or side hustles may be at risk. Someone from your waking life might take your work or thoughts. Be aware of lawsuits and threats from people who are looking to stop you dead in your tracks with legal action before you get started.

Friend kidnapped

To dream of kidnapping your friend or partner may be a warning sign that you are in an unhealthy relationship. You might not even know how to let go and enjoy life without the person, but others around you can see what is going on better than yourself.

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Self or fake kidnap dream

If you dream of being kidnapped or have a dream about fake kidnappings, this is often dreamt by people that feel unsafe in their daily lives. The dream may be an indicator that something is wrong within your waking life and that even when you leave the house, bad things can still happen to you. This dream is also dreamt by those who have been victimized in some way before. Such dreams are indicators of nervousness surrounding future plans for fear of having them come true again.

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